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This Summer was a sweet one at the Palmetto Dunes General Store

The Palmetto Dunes General Store has breakfast and lunch, a candy wall, beach toys, towels, drinks, snacks, souvenirs and an abundance of essentials, but your Hilton Head Island beach vacation isn’t complete until you make a stop (or two) to the General Store for an ice cream or icee.

Cool off with a sweet treat at the General Store in Hilton Head

Our ice cream machine has the classic soft serve flavors: vanilla, chocolate and swirl and our icee machine holds three refreshing flavors - blue raspberry, cherry, and coca cola. From June to August, the General Store served up a grand total total 37,809 ice cream & icees!

July was the highest of the three months at 16,955 ice cream and icee sales. The General Manager, Lauren Wade, provided us with the 2023 summer month to month breakdown:

· June: 13,112

· July: 16,955

· August: 7,742

The General Store welcomed visitors from near and far to Hilton Head Island

Visitors stop by time and time again for their favorite affordable cold treat. We welcomed guests from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Ohio, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Kentucky, Texas and so many more wonderful places.

Hundreds of guests would arrive through the front door of the Palmetto Dunes General Store filled with excitement, as they would head straight to the ice cream machine to make some of the tallest vanilla cones we’ve ever seen!

We hope you shared sweet moments together here at Palmetto Dunes General Store on Hilton Head Island. Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit during their beach vacation at Palmetto Dunes and we look forward to being a part of your Hilton Head vacation next summer.


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