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We all Scream for Ice Cream at the General Store!

Ice cream cone at the General Store

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day at the Palmetto Dunes General Store! It’s the perfect spot to cool off with a sweet treat. Our ice cream machine offers the classic soft-serve flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and swirl. And for those looking for something a bit different, our Icee machine has three refreshing flavors: blue raspberry, cherry, and Coca-Cola.

Kids enjoy ice cream on the General Store porch

Last summer, from June to August, the General Store served up an impressive total of 37,809 ice creams and Icees! July was our busiest month, with 16,955 sales. Here’s a breakdown of our summer sales:

  • June: 13,112

  • July: 16,955

  • August: 7,742

This year in June we sold 13,339 ice creams and Icees!

Why do we celebrate ice cream in July? In 1984, President Ronald Reagan, declared the third Sunday in July (July 21st this year) as the day for ice cream, highlighting its role in American culture and the dairy industry.

Man getting ice cream at the General Store

Reagan didn’t stop at just one day. He proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month, describing ice cream as “a nutritious and wholesome food enjoyed by over ninety percent of the people in the United States.” Since then, this holiday has become a beloved tradition, sparking ice cream cravings across the nation every year.

Did you know that vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor in the United States, followed by chocolate, strawberry, and butter pecan? The first ice cream cone is said to have been invented in 1904 at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, and the largest ice cream sundae ever made weighed over 24 tons and was created in 1988 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

Two boys enjoying Icees at the General Store

Be sure to stop by the General Store and grab an ice cream cone or an Icee during your next Hilton Head vacation. We can’t wait to see you!



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